Let the Norfolk Wind Blow

Norfolk Public Schools in Nebraska are receiving a hands-on learning experience. With the installation of a new wind turbine behind Norfolk Public High School, the ability to teach both high school and college-aged students about wind energy is an exciting reality. Norfolk High School, in conjunction with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, decided to participate in the Department of Energy’s Wind Powering in America program which is allowing for a very unique area of education for all students involved.

Wind Turbine

The installation of the turbine took place in July 2012, but The Wind for Schools project was officially instituted with a ribbon cutting ceremony on Friday, Nov 16th, 2012. It is anticipated that everyone involved will see multiple advantages.

“The whole community will benefit from this project and have a better understanding of how wind energy works.”

One purpose of the project is for college students to be equipped with the education and application necessary to become interested and able engineers for the growing United States wind industry.

The City wants to teach students how to efficiently and effectively use wind energy while also introducing the idea of wind energy to rural communities. The efficient use of wind power in rural communities can ultimately help conserve nonrenewable resources by harnessing a more sustainable power source which is a huge benefit for these communities.

JEO Consulting Group, Inc. was responsible for designing the electrical system used to install the wind turbine.  They were able to coordinate with Norfolk High School staff, the manufacturer, contractor, and others to create a complete and working system. JEO has also partnered with Norfolk High School to develop and give presentations that teach students about the benefits of renewable energy.

“An important part of the culture at JEO is to provide a learn and teach environment.”

The wind turbine will provide students, faculty, and others in the electrical industry with a hands-on learning experience.  The wind turbine is available as a resource for all of those wanting to pursue wind energy and teach/learn about it.

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