Happy Holidays from JEO

JEO Consulting Group Inc. recently celebrated the holiday season with their annual JEO Holiday Party. On Saturday January 19th, 2013, everyone got together for a night of good food and fun at the Apothecary building in Downtown Lincoln. The night kicked off with a social hour where employees were able to catch up with coworkers from the various offices while sharing some laughs and stories. Dinner followed the social hour and the party proceeded to the exciting events of the night.

After dinner was when the real fun began. Since the JEO website was completely redesigned over most of the 2012 calendar year, incorporating some of the hard work that went into the website redesign was a good way to start the night off and show some of the behind-the-scenes footage.  One of the new features of the website are the videos shown on each “Services” page, and with the videos came some candid moments. A bloopers reel, incorporating different outtakes from the video productions, was unveiled at the party. Employees such as COO Eric Obert, CEO Rob Brigham, and environmental engineering intern Leah Kottwitz, played  starring roles.

“The bloopers were good. They showed how much fun our employees can have while we’re working.”

Ryan O'Toole Employee of the Year

Once the bloopers reel was shown and everyone got a good laugh, there was some much deserved recognition given to select JEO employees for their years within the company. Recognition and applause were awarded to all employees with a 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 year JEO anniversary. It is important to recognize these accomplishments not only for each individual, but for the company as well. Seeing and knowing who has continued to help our firm grow over the years is a special way to appreciate and say thank you to each of those with milestone year markers. Another award was also presented at the party. Each quarter, one person is named Employee of the Quarter by fellow employees, which is a big accomplishment for all of those who receive such an award. During the annual Holiday Party, all four Employees of the Quarter are recognized and one is picked to be Employee of the Year. For the 2012 year, Ryan O’Toole was the winner of Employee of the Year and was presented with not only a certificate, but also a choice trip to one of a variety of locations.

Terry O's Quarter GameWith all of the official awards and recognition given to those who truly deserved it, there were games to be played. One such game is more than a game, it’s a tradition. Terry O’Brien’s famous Quarter Game has been played each year for as long as many employees can remember, and this year was no different. It is something everyone looks forward to as they make sure to stash some extra quarters in their pockets before the party begins. To play, everyone grabs their own quarter while Terry stands at the front of the room and flips his quarter; everyone follows. If their quarter matches Terry’s flip of heads or tails, they remain in the game; if not, they are out. Whomsoever is the last one standing receives one of Terry’s creative prizes which he enjoys picking out and bringing each year. It’s a tradition that will continue for years to come.

“We are glad Terry enjoys coming and continuing to be an important part of JEO!”



Employees also enjoyed a plethora of games comparable to those found on the television game show “Minute to Win It”, in which contestants have one minute to complete the task given to them. JEO employees attempted to scoot cookies down their faces into their mouths and shake jingle bells out of a box attached to their waists without using hands. Those were just two of the multiple games various attendees took part in.


As the night progressed, all 155 attendees of the party enjoyed some time together outside of the office with good food, friends and fun. JEO had yet another great holiday season and wants to wish everyone a very happy New Year, as the employees and company are also looking forward to 2013.


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