Haines Branch is Part of the Family

November was a great month to be part of the JEO team. It was also a great month to be the Haines Branch stream in Lincoln, Nebraska. Through the Nebraska Wildlife Foundation’s Adopt A Stream program, Haines Branch became our very own stream. The process of choosing and adopting a stream in Lincoln has been an ongoing activity for the past year and a half, so the reality of it finally being part of JEO leaves a good feeling for the entire company.

“The process of adopting a stream fits our mission within the company to be good stewards to our environment and community.”


What exactly does it mean to “Adopt A Stream”? There are some basic actions taken to fulfill such a duty. Since JEO has adopted Haines Branch from Highway 2, through Pioneers Park to 40th Street, the effort to maintain this five mile stretch lies on JEO volunteers’ shoulders. Most importantly, the team is in charge of monitoring water quality throughout the stream and removing any garbage or litter found, at least twice a year. The stream lies within a watershed in which the City is actively growing into.  New subdivisions and urbanization change the characteristics of this once rural watershed and bring a need for more active management; not only for the stream’s appearance, but for the health and safety of those around the stream as well.

Stream3Adopting this stream was a no-brainer for employees of JEO. There was agreement that managing this stream to sustain fish and wildlife populations, while allowing for local floodplain and water quality regulations to be met, would make people proud. In such a highly family-oriented company, Haines Branch represents for JEO employees any stream that their own child or family member will come into contact with and is something that family members will be proud of. Haines Branch is no longer just a stream; it is now part of our family.

For others interested in adopting their own stream, JEO encourages you to visit www.lincoln.ne.gov and type in keyword “Stream”. For adopting a stream outside the City of Lincoln, the Nebraska Wildlife Federation should be contacted at www.nebraskawildlife.org.

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