Wayne Aquarius Wastewater Treatment Facility

How innovative are JEO Consulting Group’s engineers? Some of the most innovative in the world.

One of the projects on the  environmental side of the department is known to be one of the most advanced and innovative projects in the United States.  Impressive, right? The Aquarius Wastewater Treatment System in Wayne Nebraska has been recognized as one of the most advanced Headworks facilities in the State, as well as in the United States.

The system stands out among other projects for various reasons. One of those reasons being that the system is quite unique in its structure and operational abilities. The Aquarius System is capable of producing little-to-no sludge for the community. With the implementation of a 6 mm screen followed by grit removal, which is then followed by a 1 mm drum screen, the production of sludge has been reduced by 90% for the City of Wayne in comparison to the previous facility which included rotating biological contactors.

“The fact that this facility is innovative, with a 90% reduction in sludge volume, and no other plant is doing that; that’s a pretty neat thing to say our team was a part of.”

Another unique characteristic of this facility is the actual Aquarius treatment process in which sending wastewater through twelve individual tanks and adjusting the amount of air to each individual tank, the system is encouraging different populations of microorganisms to grow on the fixed film media. The microorganisms then feed on each other as the wastewater progresses from one tank to another, resulting in a greatly reduced, if not zero, production of sludge material from the system.

Being the largest installation of an Aquarius System in the world, our team is honored to have been part of this amazing process. To prove just how seriously JEO took this project, we actually sent some of our engineers to Israel to view systems like this, in operation. There’s nothing that can teach someone better than firsthand experience, and that’s exactly what the environmental team received; it must have paid off. As the Aquarius System has been in installation for a year now, things seem to be going well for the City of Wayne’s Wastewater Treatment Facility. Another project well done.

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