When One Pool Closes, Another Opens

It was a ground-breaking day for the new Lincoln Park Pool in Grand Island, Nebraska on Monday, August 20th, 2012. While preparing for the demolition of the existing Lincoln Park Pool, the City decided to go ahead with their plans to rebuild the entire existing pool, from ground up. The facility has been around since 1975 and it was debated among city council members whether or not to rebuild the pool after tearing it down.

The need for a recreational place for kids in the area, as the pool has been for the past 37 years, was the ultimate deciding factor in the decision to move ahead on the building of a new pool. The neighborhood of Lincoln in Grand Island does not offer much else to the neighborhood besides the pool, so keeping it around for the kids as a great summer splash activity is seen as a necessity.

“It is important to keep the kids involved in the neighborhood and to give them options for entertainment.”

The newly built pool is projected to be completed by the summer of 2013, depending on how the weather turns out this coming winter. If everything goes as planned, the concrete will be poured before winter hits and the infrastructure will begin to take shape. Like the current pool, the new pool will have 3-meter and 1-meter diving boards and a two-story slide. The high dive will have a special safety staircase with railings and the pool will also have zero-depth entry, shade areas and a new bathhouse.


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