Dawson Public Power District: A Job Well Done

When we complete projects, we go all out. One of the unique architecture projects our team was involved with was Dawson Public Power District’s headquarters facility. We provided design and construction administration services for this new facility. What ended up being designed was 75,000 square feet of space for the actual building and more than 12 acres of site paving.

“Our projects are projects that our clients can be proud of.”

From the visual design to the actual amenities, this facility is pretty neat both for the eyes as well as the functionality. With a prairie-design style that is LEED sensitive, it houses multiple functions including counter and drive-through bill paying, purchasing and warehousing, a command center, a meeting facility, cold storage, a paved exterior storage and pole yard, and many other amenities.

It is the Project Manager’s job to make sure everything possible is done to complete projects in a way that satisfies both the client and JEO alike. Keeping communication a key priority throughout this whole Dawson Public Power District process, from beginning through the design phase, proved to be an efficient action in achieving success.

“Keeping the community involved is important.”

After completion of the project, an open house was held in Dawson so the community could be involved in the implementation of the new facility.

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