Behind the Scenes: Website Renovation

We’re up and running! The new website is finally here and we wanted to give you a feel for what went into updating the JEO website over the past few months. We’re going to take you behind the scenes of the creation of some of the new website renovation.

We want our firm to continue growing and cultivating our successes together so we’ve implemented some awesome content on the site to help people who are eager to learn about our company. Since our main target for the website is recruitment, we want people to navigate toward our Future Employee page where they can find an application right there. We’ve updated our Careers page, which highlights our awesome intern program, benefits, community involvement and more. Another great addition for helping people learn about our company is our FAQ section which we think will be extremely beneficial in answering questions that people may have for us.

“We’ve learned a lot about JEO and we’ve had a blast doing it.”

With a huge thanks to Elliot Dahl, videos were in the plan for creating a unique company website. The Ashland Golf Outing was the first video shoot for some footage of our JEO-sponsored events. One of the new features on each department’s web page is a video highlighting the specific department. To see an example check out the Funding page. In getting the right footage for these videos, a good amount of time was spent targeting the most important aspects of each department and coming up with ways to get those to shine through. We also were able to go out on site with some surveyors to capture some on-the-job footage.

“Our goal in this whole process was to be unique, to stand out.”

With our videos, personal testimonies, new tools and much more, we are confident that our new company website has surpassed our goal. So go check it out for yourself and see what all the buzz is about!

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